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Utility Cover, USMC
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Gunnery SGT. R. Lee Ermey  7" Bobblehead

Gunnery SGT. R. Lee Ermey  7" Bobblehead

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Gunnery SGT. R. Lee Ermey Bobblehead standing 7" Tall, this polyresin, double-bobblehead with Gunnery SGT. R. Lee Ermey and the Marine Corps Bulldog, includes a 30 second motivational message delivered in a high quality sound chip.

That's right, BOTH the Gunny and the Bulldog are Bobbleheads!


Gunny's Rules


GUNNY'S RULES! GET YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY NOW!Put down your sissy drink with its umbrella, get off your backside, and square yourself away. Get fit, get a job, and get yourself some self-respect. America’s favorite, most in-your-face Sarge is going to show you how to get squared away like a Marine.

R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey, of The History Channel’s Mail Call, takes time out from telling viewers all about military technology, to tell readers all about life. Men today are facing a crisis of emasculation. Gunny is here to tell you how to fight back and save your dignity: by taking control of your own damn life. First, he teaches you how to get fit, stay fit, and defend yourself. Then, he teaches you how to conduct yourself the way real men do: with assertiveness but also with wisdom and courtesy. Finally, Gunny motivates you to use your new fitness and new attitude to live life like a man of honor: to work hard, reach for high goals, and set an example with your life.

Gunny’s Rules is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to live life like one of the toughest of the tough—like a Marine.





Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock App
FOR YOUR Smartphone IS NOW AVAILABLE ON iTunes and Google Play

Gunny Ermey Alarm clock AppDon't you wish you could have Gunny Ermey wake you up each day? When Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey's Alarm Clock goes off, the Gunny will scream at you to "GET OUT OF THE RACK!!!" complete with the Reveille bugle call, the Gunny's faithful trash can and nightstick, and 15+ Gunnyisms. The Gunny heard some of you lazy retirees and civilians are a little bit slow in getting up in the morning. Well no more! Now you can have the Gunny wake you every morning to GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR! The alarm will continue to sound until you Dismiss it. Of course it has a Snooze button on it, TWINKLETOES, but I don't want to see you use it or I will have you doing PUSH-UPS until you puke buttermilk!


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