Download Instructions

How to download your files



The Gunny's Download Instructions are very clearly written in English and the Gunny expects you to READ them! You will get 3 tries on your Download page on your Account. To access your Downloads, Login to the PX and click My Account. Once in there you will see Downloads in the menu. Click Downloads and you will see you have the files and you will see we have given you not 1 but 3 chances to download it. Now since you did take the time to read the Gunny's Instructions, you will only need to use 1 of your chances. Simply follow the directions below and you will be fine.

Do this right and you will only need to use 1 of your 3 tries when you Download your file(s). SAVE your FILES!!!


If you FAIL to READ these instructions and you waste your tries with your so-called Smartphone, then that is on you and not us. If you won't READ the Gunny's Instructions and you blow it, then who's fault do you really think it is? Let us answer that for is your fault and the Gunny expects you to Stand Tall and READ the Instructions and not be all whiney when you get told to DROP AND GIVE ME 25 NUMBNUTS for not READING the Instructions!


  1. To download your file(s), login to your account with your computer and under My Orders, click on downloads. DO NOT USE YOUR SMARTPHONE OR iPhone for downloading or accessing your account. Our site is not setup for mobile use at this time.
  2. SAVE your file(s) to your computer. DO NOT TRY TO OPEN WITHOUT SAVING
  3. You will need to UNZIP your file(s) using a free extraction application such as WinZip, WinRar, or StuffIt (Mac) or Windows Explorer.
  4. SAVE the extracted file(s) to your computer.
  5. Now you will need to follow the Installation instructions for your device(phone, GPS, etc...). You can access those by clicking on the FAQ on the right and selecting what type of Installation you need help with.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if you mess up your Download, lost file(s), dog eating the cat who ate your file or FAIL TO SAVE you file(s). The Gunny's Instructions are there for you to READ!


Please see the following for Garmin InstructionsRingtone Instructions or TOMTOM Instructions.