Garmin Instructions

Instructions for installing Gunny Ermey's Voice for your Garmin nuvi GPS System

  1. Before starting, make sure your unit has the latest updates from Garmin.

  2. From the link you received from the Gunny on your receipt, click on it to login to your account on the Gunny's PX. Then download the .zip file. Select Save and SAVE it to your computer. Now Unzip the file using a free extraction application such as WinZip, WinRar, or StuffIt (Mac) and save the .vpm(s) to a folder on your computer. Now take the .VPM file of the Gunny's voice, right click on it and select COPY.

  3. Download and Install the Garmin Voice Studio program available for free. Click HERE to download.

  4. After Installing the Garmin Voice Studio program, plug in your Garmin nuvi with the USB cable they included with your unit.

  5. You do NOT need to open the Garmin Voice Studio program, simply navigate in Windows to “My Computer”, find the Garmin Removable Drive listed there and double click it. In the folders which appear, find the “Voice” Folder and “PASTE” the .VPM file into it.

  6. Unplug your Garmin nuvi from your computer, turn it on and navigate to the “TOOLS” button, then “SETTINGS” then “LANGUAGES”. Click the “VOICE LANGUAGE” button and search the list for the Gunny voice you want, choose it, click “OK” then navigate back to your opening screen and you are ready for the Gunny to guide you around!!! Safe driving!

MAC users

  1. Download and Open
  2. Plug in Garmin
  3. Open Garmin on desktop
  4. Open Garmin in Garmin folder
  5. Scroll to Voices and open
  6. Drag downloaded file from Gunny's Digital PX into voices folder and allow to sync.
  7. Close and ready to go!

NOTE: If you have to reinstall the voice skin, make sure you remove the old one(s) from your unit first before uploading the new one.

How to install the Gunny's startup image

  1. After extracting the downloaded file from the Gunny, find the file named 'gunny garmin startup.jpg, right click it and  'copy' it.
  2. Connect your Garmin to your computer with the USB cable. Navigate to 'My Computer' where you will see the drive for your Garmin unit. Open that drive and find the Folder named 'JPEG.'
  3. Right click on the 'JPEG' folder and select 'paste'.
  4. Disconnect your Garmin from your computer.
  5. On your Garmin, select 'Tools', then 'Picture Viewer'. Find the Gunny image and press on it to select it.
  6. On the left side of the Garmin screen you will see an information ' i ' in a circle, press the ' i ', a properties page for the image will appear.
  7. In the lower left corner of the screen, 'check' the box that says, "Display at power on?", then press and 'hold' your  finger on the 'back arrow' button until you return to the Main Screen.
  8. That's it, the Gunny's image will appear when you startup your Garmin.


Garmin GPS Custom Voice Compatible Models
Gunny's Garmin Voice Skins will work with the models below only.


aeraT series (Aviation GPS)

GPSMAP® 620 & 640(Handhelds)

zumo® 660(motorcycle)


nüvi® Series

nüvi® 200-series

nüvi 205-series

nüvi 500-series

nüvi 700-series

nüvi 705-series

nüvi 800-series

nüvi 1200-series

nüvi 1300-series

nüvi 1400-series

nüvi 1600-series

nüLink! 1695

nüvi 2200-series

nüvi 2300-series

nüvi 2400-series

nüvi 3700-series

nüvi 5000-series

Garmin Voice Studio is compatible with PCs running Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or later.

You can download it FREE

System Requirements:

Minimum Windows XP Service Pack 2 or better.

Mac is NOT supported at this time. Mac users see instructions above.