Gunny's Ringtones Volume 1

Gunny's Ringtones Volume 1
Brand: R. Lee
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Volume 1 has these ringtones in it...

  1. Answer it NUMBNUTS! - Don't you hear the phone ringing SCUMBAG? ANSWER IT NUMBNUTS!!!
  2. It's the Ball and Chain - JESUS H CHRIST!!! It's the Ball & Chain calling AGAIN!
  3. Gunnery SGT Ermey MAGGOT! - I am Gunnery SGT R. Lee Ermey! I am NOT your answering machine! Now answer the damn phone MAGGOT!!!
  4. I hope this is IMPORTANT! - Dammit my phone is ringing again! I sure hope this is important.
  5. Your WIFEY is calling you! - Your wifey is calling you! Probably needs you to get home!

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